Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 150

The scriptures read are 2 Chronicles 1-3, Psalm 121 and Romans 12.

2 Chronicles 1-3. Solomon asks for wisdom and starts building the temple. I have to say, this account seems brisker than the one in Kings.

Psalm 121. A famous psalm, expressing confidence in God's protection.

Romans 12. Having laid the theological foundation, Paul teases out the practical and ethical implications of God's grace. It starts with offering yourself totally to God to be used for his purpose.

Paul explains our unity and diversity using the analogy of the body with his many different parts, each of which has a function. We are the Body of Christ.

Which means being loving, to the point of blessing and helping even our enemies when they are in need. Leave the final verdict on anyone to God. Don't pay evil back with more evil; that just doubles the evil out there. Instead, react to evil by doing good in return. Let your enemies burn with shame for how they've treated you.

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