Friday, May 10, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 125

The scriptures read are 1 Kings 19-21, Psalm 104 and Acts 19.

1 Kings 19. Coming off his triumph over the prophets of Baal, Elijah is a nervous wreck. It doesn't help that Queen Jezebel is out for his blood. Elijah goes into the desert to the mountain of God for an iconic encounter with God who comes to him not in a Micheal Bay/Hollywood way but as a gentle whisper.

1 Kings 20. God may not be happy with Ahab but nobody does that to his people. Then Ahab blows it.

1 Kings 21. Jezebel reveals how evil she is in a nasty trick to seize a guy's land. Great tense showdown between adversaries, Ahab and Elijah.

Psalm 104. Marvelous poem of God as creator and how harmoniously creation works. Full of wonderful metaphors.

Acts 19. The powerful effect Paul's ministry has in Ephesus, both for good and not. Love the way a town clerk disarms the riot by basically telling the folks that if they have any legitimate complaints, they must present them at the next regularly scheduled town meeting. Now go home.

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