Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 149

The scriptures read are 1 Chronicles 28-29, Psalm 120 and Romans 11.

1 Chronicles 28-29. David's farewell speech, complete with blueprints for the temple presented to Solomon (hint! hint!). Then the people reenact Solomon's enthronement and anointing.

Psalm 120. As a reward for finishing the longest chapter in the Bible (psalm 119), here's a short psalm. It is also the first of the Songs of Ascent, which might refer to the believer ascending to God or the pilgrim ascending Mt. Zion to go to the temple. This one is a plea that God save the worshipper from those with deceitful tongues.

Romans 11. God has not given up on his people, Israel, but it did create an opportunity for Gentiles to get to know God and become part of his people. God is a very generous God.

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