Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 146

The scriptures read are 1 Chronicles 22-24, Psalm 119:113-144 and Romans 9.

1 Chronicles 22. Here Chronicles is showing its value, supplementing these stories we've already read in the books of Samuel and Kings. I don't remember David stockpiling supplies for building the temple. God told David he couldn't build it because of all the blood on his hands but David is making sure Solomon will, with all the building materials he needs and a pep talk to just do it!

1 Chronicles 23, 24. A breakdown of the Levite families and their respective responsibilities, plus the rotation of the priests.

Psalm 119:113-144. The psalmist is alternatively denouncing evil, asserting his righteousness and asking God for greater understanding of his words and law.

Romans 9. Paul turns to wrestling with the fact that the majority of his fellow Jews have rejected Jesus as Messiah. This passage takes careful reading. Paul asserts that God can do what he chooses to do--and then he focuses on God choosing to have mercy. Some people take an unhealthy interest in persons being designated vessels of wrath. But nowhere are Christians told to be agents of that wrath. Remember the whole first part of Romans is how we've all sinned, Jews and Gentiles, and fallen short of the glory of God. We all deserve justice and that would not be pretty. No one deserves mercy. Yet it is offered by God to all who are open to accept it on faith. 

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