Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 135

The scriptures read are 2 Kings 19-21, Psalm 112 and Acts 27.

2 Kings 19. Hezekiah takes his concerns to the prophet Isaiah (yes, that one) who tells him that God will not let Sennacherib harm Jerusalem. And when the king of Assyria sends a follow-up letter, Hezekiah himself goes to the temple and prays. God's word via Isaiah really takes Sennacherib down several pegs. God follows that with an attack on the Assyrian troops and their king hightails it back to Nineveh, where he is assassinated by his sons.

2 Kings 20. Isaiah tells Hezekiah that his current illness will be fatal but once again Hezekiah prays and God hears his prayer and sees his tears and gives him another 15 years. The sign is the shadow on the sundial going back 10 degrees.

Once well, Hezekiah makes the mistake of showing the messengers from Babylon everything of value. This will come back to haunt his descendants.

2 Kings 21. Manasseh is the worst king ever. God's had it. He will let what happened to Samaria happen to Jerusalem: sacking and exile.

Psalm 112. In praise of the person who has a healthy respect for God and is generous to the poor.

Acts 27. A very exciting narrative of a doomed voyage to Rome. Paul foresees the shipwreck but God assures him that all the people will be saved. Still it's a nail-biter.  

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