Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 138

The scriptures read are 1 Chronicles 1-3, Psalm 115 and Romans 2.

2 Chronicles 1-3. A recap of the whole cast of characters so far. At least the Hebrew ones. And notice that the last batch in chapter 3 are born during the Babylonian Exile. So life goes on. These genealogies might not be your cup of tea but certain cultures love these parts of the Bible. To them, who you came from is very important.

Psalm 115. The Psalms have been called the Hymnbook of the Hebrews. This psalm feels very much like a piece of liturgy. I find myself trying to divvy it up into parts: the priest would say this, the worshipers that, and the chorus of Levites this.

Romans 2. Paul is spelling out the problem. In the last chapter, he gave it to the Gentiles for how sinful they are. Now it's the Jews' turn. Having the law and then sinning is almost worse than being a pagan. You know better. You also need to know that nothing you do that alters your outsides is going to impress God. An altered heart is another matter.

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