Monday, May 13, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 132

The scriptures read are 2 Kings 13-15, Psalm 110 and Acts 25.

2 Kings 13. God may come across as real hard on his people but when Jehoahaz asked for a softening of their punishment, God listens. He is after all fair. He warns everyone what the rules are. They break them and the consequences God predicted happen. Nobody is unaware of the score. But he also responds to repentance and even baby steps towards him.

Elisha dies but first there is an object lesson for the king. The king flubs it, of course.

Some time after Elisha's death, a dead man tossed into his tomb comes back to life after his rolling body touches the prophet's bones. Odd coda to Elisha's life.

2 Kings 14. Amaziah, little known good king of Judah, metes out justice on his father's assassins but not their kids. The text tells us that each person pays for their own sins, not that of their parents or children.

Sadly, Amaziah is feeling his oats after defeating the nation of Edom and challenges Jehoash, king of Israel. Amaziah gets trounced and Jerusalem is sacked as well. Assassins take out Amaziah eventually.

Jeroboam 2. Not a good king but God is merciful to Israel anyway.

2 Kings 15. A leper-king in Judah and a string of assassinations give us a list of short reigns in Israel. The Assyrians make their bow. Keep your eye on them.

Psalm 110. A psalm with Messianic overtones, quoted by Jesus.

Acts 25. New governor, same accusations against Paul. The new governor Festus doesn't see any crime that will stick to Paul but appeasing his subjects, considers moving the trial to Jerusalem. Paul, tired of all the politics, appeals to Caesar, his right as a Roman citizen.

Festus still doesn't know what to tell the Emperor about Paul's charges. When King Agrippa visits, he asks for help with the case, so Paul is called to plead his case before another political leader.

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