Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 134

The scriptures read are 2 Kings 16-18, Psalm 111 and Acts 26.

2 Kings 16-17. Ahaz of Israel actually sacrifices his child by fire, the very sin God warned about back in Deuteronomy. And he makes all kinds of changes in the temple, while stripping it of precious metals.

The big news is that God has had it with the northern kingdom of Israel. He lets the Assyrians capture it, deport the cream of society and moves people from other parts of their empire into Samaria. These eventually become the Samaritans, who were so hated in Jesus' time.

2 Kings 18. Hezekiah becomes King of Judah. He reforms the religious practice of the people.. He even destroys the bronze serpent of Moses because people were worshiping it.

The new king of Assyria lets everyone know that God will not stop him from punishing Hezekiah. But can he back those words up?

Psalm 111. A short psalm praising God and using every letter in the Hebrew alphabet to start the lines of the poem.

Acts 26. Paul gets to tell his story before Agrippa--and he's almost converted. Paul expands what Jesus said to him on the road to Damascus. Or maybe he's teasing out the implications. Paul could be freed, Festus and Agrippa agree, had he not invoked his right to be tried before the Emperor.

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