Friday, May 10, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 127

The scriptures read are 1 Kings 22, Psalm 105 and Acts 20.

1 Kings 22. Ahab starts a war that looks like it will be easy. His tame prophets all tell him "Go," but he should listen to the minority report. Ahab comes to his end, not by white whale but by errant arrow.

Psalm 105. A great companion for 104. Poetic retelling of the Exodus, with emphasis on God's covenant.

Acts 20. Paul is doing what he realizes is a "Farewell" tour. He preaches so long he not only puts a guy to sleep, he puts his lights out. But Paul uses CPR (Christian Prayer Resuscitation) and Window Guy lives to see the dawn.

Paul's goodbye speech is touching. He knows something is going to happen in Jerusalem and he won't be back. Also the first time I remember reading of Christians praying on their knees.

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