Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 129

The scriptures read are 2 Kings 4-6, Psalm 107 and Acts 22.

2 Kings 4. Elisha has a soft spot for widows and barren women, just like his God. He multiplies oil for one and promises a child to the second. When that kid gets sick, Elisha works mightily to restore him to life. Later he nullifies poison and multiplies loaves.

2 Kings 5. An arrogant general and a greedy servant both learn lessons.

2 Kings 6. More impressive miracles. Then a horrific story from the famine. The king's had it with Elisha and God.

Psalm 107. If people get to the end of their rope and call upon God, he rescues them. Lots of emphasis on God's care for the needy. "He fills the hungry with all good things." Jesus' mother must have been familiar with that line.

Acts 22. Paul speaks in Hebrew. Good start. He emphasizes his Jewish heritage and training. That goes well. He tells of his conversion. The crowd is still quiet, rapt. Then he mentions Gentiles and the mob explodes.

Paul just misses getting tortured by mentioning his Roman citizenship. The captain arranges a meeting of Paul with the High Priest and Sanhedrin the next day. That should go well.

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