Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 90

The scriptures read are Judges 10-12, Psalm 76 and John 10.

Judges 10-12. We have a lot of judges about which we know little to nothing. They are kinda the Millard Filmores and Rutherford B. Hayes of the judges. You've got to include them but there are no good stories about them. But sandwiched between them is Jephthah, who has a tragic tale. He starts out the illegitimate son of Gilead, via a prostitute. He's kicked out until they need someone to fight the Ammonites. Then he makes a rash vow to sacrifice the first thing that comes out of his door when he returns home. And it's his only child, a virgin daughter. Finally the Ephraimites (what's with them?) are upset that they didn't get to fight so they fight Jephthah. They get trounced, especially because they can't pronounce the password, Shibboleth. Death by speech impediment. After all this, Jephthah dies after only 6 years.

Psalm 76.How fearsome God is, especially to the enemies of the humble.

John 10. This follows on from the previous chapter so this is still the aftermath of healing the man born blind. Jesus uses the metaphors of shepherd and gate about himself. (For more on this, click here.) The thieves and hired hands must be the Pharisees and scribes who do not seem to care for God's people and devour them rather like Jesus said the Pharisees devour the livings of widows.

More importantly Jesus says, "I and the Father are one." He also lets slip that he is claiming to be the Son of God. The religious leaders are about to stone him but he appeals to the works he does. What do his healings and miracles and manner of life say about him? Are these not from God? And so, long before C. S. Lewis, they are faced with the Trilemma: Is Jesus a liar, a lunatic or the Lord?
Congratulations! You're on Day 90 of the Bible Challenge! You've read 9 whole books of the Bible, and you're halfway through 3 more of them, including the Psalms. And coming up: Samson and Lazarus! 

Keep up the good work!  

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