Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 85

The scriptures read are Joshua 19-21, Psalm 71 and John 5.

Joshua 19. The rest of the territory is allotted. There is a readjustment. Turns out Judah got too much land for its needs so a bit was carved out for the tribe of Simeon. And Joshua gets a city of his own.

Joshua 20. The asylum cities are chosen. If somebody kills someone unintentionally, he can flee to one of these to escape the blood avenger (usually a kinsman) out to kill him. There he is to get a fair trial.

Joshua 21. The Levites and Aaronic priesthood don't get a territory but they do get cities in which to settle and these include the asylum cities.

I gotta say, this is all fairly comprehensive. I couldn't set up a nation. By the way if you wish to see what the arrangement of the tribes in Israel is click here.

Psalm 71. An elderly person praises God for his grace in the past and asks for help in his present problems. "You who have made me undergo many troubles and misfortunes will revive me again, and raise me up from the depths of the earth." Hint of resurrection?

John 5. Another feast, another trip to Jerusalem. Again, unlike the synoptic gospels, John focuses more on Jesus in Jerusalem. A hint of the location of the beloved disciple?

Jesus is healing on the Sabbath again. He just can't let people suffer till sundown, like God intended! Then he makes it worse by saying, "After all, my Dad doesn't take the Sabbath off." That really sets them off.

Jesus explains his M.O. at length: He's only doing what his Father tells him to do. He offers life to those who trust him. If you don't believe him, believe John the Baptist. Or what God is doing through Jesus' works. Everything in the Bible points to him. Don't believe Jesus and Moses will be your accuser on Judgment Day.

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