Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 83

The scriptures read are Joshua 16-18, Psalm 70 and John 4.

Joshua 16-18. Still dividing up the land. The 2 half-tribes descended from Joseph get a chapter apiece. We also get some adjustments because of the terrain and the size of the tribe. Then, after a survey of the remaining land, Joshua casts lots before God to allot the rest. First up, Benjamin.

Psalm 70. "Hurry up, God and help me." A fairly common prayer expressed nicely.

John 4. Jesus and the Samaritan woman. She is shocked at first that he, a Jew, would talk with her. Jesus stays on message; the woman tries to sidetrack him. Jesus says one day where you worship God and who you are won't matter, provided you worship God in Spirit and in truth. The woman wants to table such discussions till the Messiah comes. Well, guess who's talking to you?

The disciples are shocked by the sight of Jesus talking to a woman, much less a Samaritan woman, much less a Samaritan woman with such a scandalous past that she comes to the well to get water in the heat of the day (noon) instead of early morning or late afternoon like everyone else. But she leaves her water pot, tells everyone in the village about Jesus and they have him stay over 2 days. Word of mouth is the best advertising.

Jesus heals a boy by long distance, the second of the 7 signs John builds his gospel around.

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