Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 61

The scriptures read are Numbers 33-35, Psalm 51, and Luke 9.

Numbers 33. Moses kept a travel log! We have an extensive list of places where the Israelites camped. Sadly, most are in the desert so we don't know where half of them were.

Numbers 34. Preparing to enter the promised land, the borders of Israel are sketched out and the men who will allot the land to the various families and tribes are chosen.

Numbers 35. Most of this chapter is devoted to the asylum cities, to which an accidental murderer can flee until he is tried. There are rules about judging who is a murderer and about having more than one witness to a murder. So the Bible distinguishes between manslaughter and homicide. And it says that bloodshed pollutes the land.

Psalm 51. A classic confession of guilt and plea for forgiveness.

Luke 9. Jesus sends out the Twelve, feeds the 5000, gets Peter's affirmation of who he is, gets transfigured, heals a convulsive kid, settles the debate of who is the greatest and dismisses would-be followers who have excuses.

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