Friday, March 22, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 81

The scriptures read are Joshua 10-12, Psalm 68 and John 2.

Joshua 10. In rescuing the city of Gibeon, Joshua kills 5 kings. God helped a little with the deadly hailstones and the sun standing still (!) and all. It also helped that the 5 kings all ran and hid in the same cave.

Joshua 11. Joshua is going through kings and towns like a buzzsaw. I had to get out my MacMillan Bible Atlas to follow the action. Lots of obscure cities mentioned.

Joshua 12. For those keeping score at home, Joshua has killed 31 kings with God's help.

Psalm 68. A magnificent hymn of praise to God for many things: his victories over his enemies, his being "the father of orphans, the champion of widows," rain, and his choice of Jerusalem for his temple.

John 2. Jesus acts as emergency sommelier  at some relative's wedding. I love the brief but typical mother/son exchange between Mary and Jesus. "Mo-om! Not now!" But then he does what she wants like a nice Jewish boy.

First Passover mentioned by John. If not for his chronology, one would conclude from the synoptic gospels that Jesus' ministry lasted maybe 6 months instead of 3 years or more.

Jesus clears the temple of the buyers and sellers and moneychangers--with a whip yet! Jesus, meek and mild? Never heard of him.

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