Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 264

The scriptures read are Lamentations 1-2, Psalm 67 and 1 Peter 5.

Lamentations 1. Zion/Jerusalem, anthropomorphized as a woman deserted by lovers and friends, laments her fate while she admits her culpability for her plight.

Lamentations 2. Images from the siege: death, starvation, even cannibalism is implied. God's people at their lowest.

Psalm 67. A beautifully shot video that spans the earth gives this version of the psalm a truly global feel. It goes from space to an eagle's eye view to rush of closeups. Enjoy.

1 Peter 5. Peter is especially concerned that pastors sincerely and diligently care for their flocks. And they should stay humble.

Some last advice to stay calm, be vigilant and faithful.

Then some greetings, including the familiar names of Silas and Mark. That young man really gets around.

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