Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 244

The scriptures read are Jeremiah 10-12, Psalm 50 and Hebrews 6.

Jeremiah 10. A lot of ridicule towards the wooden idols. God is not a crafted thing.

Jeremiah pleads with God not to vent his righteous anger on his people.

Jeremiah 11. God recalls his people to the terms of their covenant with him but to no avail.

Jeremiah 12. Jeremiah asks God about the lack of justice for the good and for the evil in this life. Once again judgment is followed by promises of restoration.

Psalm 50. No captions again but I find this Romanian Orthodox chant haunting.

Hebrews 6. Grow up! says the author. Go beyond the basics. Don't go back; that's like re-crucifying Christ! We trust God, relying on his promises for our hope.

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