Friday, September 13, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 256

The scriptures read are Jeremiah 39-41, Psalm 60 and James 3.

Jeremiah 39. All the stuff that God had warned about and which Jeremiah prophesied happened. Zedekiah's last sights were horrible. We've read most of this in 2 Kings 25, although I don't remember it mentioning all the nobles being killed as well.

How did Nebuchadnezzer hear of Jeremiah? From the folks who defected to the Babylonians before the fall of Jerusalem?

God remembers Ebed-melek, who got Jeremiah pulled out of the muddy pit. The Ethiopian will see the sacking of Jerusalem but will not be harmed. Kindness repaid.

Jeremiah 40. Only the poorest of the poor, ie, those the Babylonians felt had nothing to offer their country or culture, are left behind. Jeremiah, freed by the Babylonians, decides to settle with them rather than go to Babylon.

Some of the Judean officers hiding out pass on to the new governor a rumor of a plot for his assassination.

Jeremiah 41. He should have listened to the rumor. Ishmael indeed kills the governor and a lot of others, escaping with hostages. They are rescued, Ishmael escapes, but the hostages and their rescuers decide to go to Egypt rather than hang around for the aftermath of the assassination of the man the king of Babylon appointed.

Psalm 60. Apparently not a lot of people want to set to music a psalm that begins "You have rejected us, God..." Rather than subject you to a rap version or a kiddie song based on just one verse by the Scripture Lady, I give you this nice tune from the Genevan Psalter.

James 3. A warning about the damage you can do when you open your mouth and talk unwisely.

And following from that, wisdom, like faith, is best judged by the behavior that issues from it. Anyone can sound wise. But true wisdom is seen in a holy life and getting along with others. Echoes of the 2 great commandments.

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