Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 247

The scriptures read are Jeremiah 16-18, Psalm 52 and Hebrews 8.

Jeremiah 16. God tells Jeremiah not to sympathize with or feel sorry for his people. He has washed his hands of them. Nevertheless, he will eventually bring them back from exile.

Jeremiah 17. If you rely on other human beings you're cursed; if you trust in God, you will be blessed and flourish.

The heart, the cause of all this, is a dark mystery.

God wants you to remember to keep the Sabbath. Just stop working for one day.

Jeremiah 18. God's people are like sentient clay resisting the potter. They could get thrown out as misshapen vessels. But if they let God mold them into what he wants, they will do well.

There's a plot against Jeremiah because of his unpopular message. Jeremiah ask for God's support against his enemies.

Psalm 52. I love the way this contrasts with melody and pictures the very different first and second halves of this psalm.

Hebrews 8. Not only is Jesus a superior high priest, so, too, is his plan a great deal better than the old covenant. For one thing, he is, as foreseen by the prophets, going to dispense with the external part of the law and program it into people's hearts. This will totally change them.

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