Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 260

The scriptures read are Jeremiah 46-47, Psalm 63 and 1 Peter 1.

Jeremiah 46. On second thought, the ultra-short chapter 45 should be seen as a prologue to these prophesies regarding the King of Babylon defeating Egypt, whose army will suffer mass desertion. God really doesn't like all those Egyptian gods. But there is hope for God's people.

Jeremiah 47. Doom for the Philistines, too. Jeremiah asks God to put up his sword.

Psalm 63. A version of this psalm of longing for God that really captures the mood.

1 Peter 1. Peter almost immediately writes about the resurrection of Jesus and getting brand new life through it. It was the event that turned this man who through cowardice betrayed his friend into a fearless herald of Jesus the Messiah.

The church is going through a time of persecution and suffering. Peter says this will test and prove his readers' faith. He reminds us of how Jesus suffered for us first.

Peter calls for diligence, reminds us to be holy. He says "...love one another as if your life depends on it."

Your new life comes through God's living Word, in other words, Jesus, the Word who was with God in the beginning and who is God.

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