Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 230

The scriptures read are Isaiah 40-42, Psalm 38 and 2 Timothy 2.

Isaiah 40. God commands Isaiah to comfort his people. He has forgiven them.

Metaphors change from highways to grass to a herald shouting his news from the mountain.

God is vast. He doesn't need us but we need him. He knows everything about us. Which makes his goodness to us surprising. He energizes us when we need it the most.

Isaiah 41. God calls the shots. And he's not forgetting his people. He will do marvelous things for them. Unlike the false gods, the idols made by man who can't do anything...except topple over if not nailed down.

Isaiah 42. The first of the servant songs. Who is this servant of God? A person? The people? The Messiah? Whoever he is, bathed in God's Spirit, he will set things right.

Judgment is over and done. God is doing something new and unexpected. Time to sing him a new song. But you've got to pay attention.

Psalm 38. There is some low level background buzz to this but the guitar work, the words that grasp the essentials of the psalm and the simple presentation are effective. For something completely different, here, based on 2 verses of Psalm 38, is a symphony movement with choir by Stravinsky!

2 Timothy 2. Paul tells Timothy to stick to the essentials; don't get caught in the weeds, arguing over silly controversies. Do your best. Be patient, gentle, a good listener and you may even turn around those who were far astray.

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