Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 229

The scriptures read are Isaiah 37-39, Psalm 37:19-42 and 2 Timothy 1.

Isaiah 37-39. More incidents from Hezekiah's reign, recounted in 2 Kings and 2 Chronicles. There are some differences. But, boy, can Hezekiah pray. His prayers are some of the best in the Bible.

Perhaps it was his awareness that he is living on borrowed time anyway that elicits his odd reaction to being told that his possessions and sons will be taken by the Babylonians.

Psalm 37:19-42. I couldn't find any versions that seriously tackled the second part of this psalm (and to which I would be willing to subject you.) This only has one verse from the second half of the psalm but it is very good and does the selected verses in English and then Hebrew to great effect. And though this doesn't venture beyond the first few verses of the psalm, it is hypnotic and heartfelt.

2 Timothy 1. Paul praises and encourages Timothy to continue as he has in the past. Even his family's past is that of faithful people, specifically women. Some others have abandoned Paul during his imprisonment. They may be ashamed of him. But there are always those who are faithful and who are not ashamed of Jesus either.  

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