Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 226

The scriptures read are Isaiah 28-30, Psalm 35 and 1 Timothy 4.

Isaiah 28. The Lord is an oncoming storm and the people of the northern kingdom are as alert as a bunch of drunks. They are so addled they babble like babies. God slurs his speech and mumbles just so they'll understand. But it's not just Samaria, capitol of the north, that can expect judgment. Jerusalem is not off the hook, either.

God doesn't use "one size fits all" techniques. As a farmer does, he varies what he does according to his current task and, as a farmer sows and harvests different plants in different ways, God treats different people according to what is appropriate for them.

Isaiah 29. Ariel is a poetic name for Jerusalem. God will protect the city against its enemies. God's not happy with his people for offering him lip-service only but he will nevertheless root out those who cheat and oppress and heal the deaf and blind.

Isaiah 30. God is against Judah's diplomatic overtures to Egypt as an ally against Assyria. Isaiah foresees a time when God's people will turn from their idols to him and they will prosper. And God will take care of Assyria at the right time.

Psalm 35. Slim pickings when it comes to good songs/videos on this psalm. But here is a rendition that captures the spirit of the persecuted psalmist, asking for rescue from his enemies. BTW the song ends at 5:24 and then the singer gives a little sermonette.

1 Timothy 4. Paul encourages Timothy to stand fast against folks who discard or distort the faith, those who promote an asceticism that forbids marriage and certain foods and who foist a false mythology on others. And don't let anyone dismiss you because of your youth. Show them your spiritual maturity in your life and ministry.

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