Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 363

The scriptures read are Malachi 3, Psalms 147-148 and Luke 8.

Malachi 3. Remember that Malachi means "my messenger." Yet the messenger predicted seems much more formidable. From verses 2-6 it sounds like the Lord. He will purify some people and judge others. The gospels say verse 1 refers to John the Baptist. Do we have 2 or 3 messengers here?

Then we have the defective and skimpy offerings brought up, mirroring 1:6-2:9. And mirroring the first part of chapter 1, the argument that following God doesn't pay because the rule-breakers seem to get ahead. In the short term. When God comes to judge, things will change.

Psalm 147. Close acapella harmony from the Scottish psalter makes this a treat.

Psalm 148. You can't argue with this version of the psalm by Gustav Holst sung by the Mormon Tabernacle.

Luke 8. To read my reflection on this chapter, click here.

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