Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 341

The scriptures read are Habakkuk 1, Psalm 127 and Mark 5.

Habakkuk 1. People who think everyone in the Bible knows only one note--"never question God"--have never read much of the Bible. Job is all about seeking a dialogue with God on why the innocent suffer. Habakkuk examines the other side of that coin: why aren't the guilty punished? He questions God on the timing and methods of his justice. He starts out asking God why he tolerates the violence and injustice the prophet sees in his nation. When God says he will use the Babylonians to carry out his judgment on his sinful people, Habakkuk essentially says, "The Babylonians?!? You're going to use those ruthless barbarians as your instrument of justice?!?"

Psalm 127. I think this is in Polish but I love the exotic version of this psalm.

Mark 5. For my  reflections on this chapter, please click here.

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