Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 352

The scriptures read are Zechariah 5-6, Psalm 136 and Mark 14.

Zechariah 5. The 6th of Zechariah's 8 visions is about a huge flying book (lit. scroll) that destroys thieves and liars. Wall Street and Washington, beware!

Not sure what to make of the wicked woman in the basket. Maybe the fact that she represents all the sins and is being flown to Babylon represents the taking away of the sins of the people.

Zechariah 6. Another 4 horsemen, though this time they are in chariots, are sent to the 4 corners of the earth. Everything is clear of danger to the north.

BTW, the last 4 of the 8 visions inversely recapitulate the first 4. Visions 1 and 8: horses patrol the world. Visions 2 and 7: removal of threats. Visions 3 and 6: the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem and the tearing down of the houses that protect the wicked. Visions 4 and 5: Each about 2 leaders--Joshua in both and the mysterious Branch in 4 and Zerubabel in 5. Are they one and the same?

Now we go to the crowning of Joshua the high priest and the Branch. There is also much made about a harmony between priest and king, and both (or one who is both) reigning on a throne. Is Joshua the branch? It doesn't seem so since the other crown is put in the temple as a memorial. To Zerubabel? Is he dead at this point? Is the crown for a future king/priest, the mysterious Branch?

Psalm 136. Just to change things up, here is an energetic kid-friendly version of the first couple verses of this psalm.  

Mark 14. For my reflections on this chapter, click here.

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