Friday, December 27, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 361

The scriptures read are Malachi 1, Psalm 144 and Luke 6.

Malachi 1. One book to go! Malachi was written after the exile but exactly when is not certain. And we are not sure if Malachi is the prophet's name since Malachi means "my messenger." His book is made up of 6 "debates" between God and his people, that mirror each other: A B C C B A.

We start with God declaring his love for Jacob in contrast to his treatment of Esau. Yet Jacob's descendants, while they have finally given up idolatry, are caught up in what the New Bible Commentary calls "dead orthodoxy." Their worship is pro forma, the priests aren't taking it seriously and the people are offering to God defective animals, animals they would have gotten rid of anyway.

Psalm 144. Here's what you can do with just a guitar and drums and a driving tune. The version of the psalm in this video comes with lyrics divided into parts and everything.

Luke 6. If you want to read my reflections on this chapter, click here.

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