Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 116

The scriptures read are 2 Samuel 19-21, Psalm 96 and Acts 11.

2 Samuel 19-21. David's grief for his rebellious son Absalom is demoralizing the troops. Joab gives David a stern talking to and David regains popularity by reviewing the troops. But there is a breakaway group following a fellow named Sheba. Joab goes after him with his usual bloody tunnel-vision. But then a woman of the town where Sheba is holed up strikes a bargain with Joab: they'll throw Joab Sheba's head if he'll stop besieging the city. Done.

Then there's a 3 year famine taken care of by honoring some grudges between the Gibeonites and the descendants of Saul. And the Philistines start acting up. But David discovers he know longer has the stamina of a young warrior and must leave fighting to his men.Especially when it comes to fighting giants.

Psalm 96. "Sing to the Lord a new song"

Acts 11. Peter has to justify baptizing Gentiles to the church in Jerusalem but then it becomes an acceptable evangelism field. Antioch is doing very well at it. Barnabas is sent to oversee it and he brings in Saul. In Antioch believers are first called Christians.

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