Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 106

The scriptures read are 1 Samuel 25-27, Psalm 88, and Acts 2.

1 Samuel 25. The man who anointed David king dies and David, still on the lam, can't go to his funeral. Instead, we get a story about a fool named Fool (Nabal--seriously, what kind of parents name their kid Fool?) who not only doesn't want to help David out for guarding and not molesting his sheep but who insults the man reputed for killing 10s of thousands of Philistines. Luckily his wife Abigail has a good head on her shoulders and gives provisions to David and his men just as they were about to turn her hubby into a dead fool. When Nabal finds out what she's done he has a heart attack and dies anyway. David marries Abigail. Oh, and he's married some other woman as well. Remember God's warning that kings tend to accumulate wives? David's eye for a pretty face will get him into trouble some day.

1 Samuel 26. David shows his daring by slipping into Saul's camp and stealing his spear and a water jug from where the king slept. David is trying to show he is not a threat to Saul but he still doesn't trust his moods.

1 Samuel 27. David goes and settles in Gath with the Philistines!!! Running into Goliath's family must have been awkward so he moves to Ziklag. Thank God he doesn't make it the capital of Israel later. I don't think I would like singing "Ziklag, my happy home."

Psalm 88. A cry of near despair from a desperately ill person. And no note of hope at the end!

Acts 2. The Day of Pentecost, a harvest festival, arrives and the Spirit of God is poured out on the disciples. The Jewish pilgrims from every part of the known world hear them preaching but each in his local language. Then Peter gets up and preaches the basic gospel message: Jesus is the Messiah. He was crucified but God raised him again. Turn your lives around, get baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and receive the gift of God's Holy Spirit. 3000 respond. This community listen to the apostle's teachings, worship together, eat together and share their resources. The church is born!

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