Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 101

The scriptures read are 1 Samuel 13-15, Psalm 84 and John 19.

1 Samuel 13-15. Some rousing tales of war, as well as of Saul overstepping his role as king, taking on the role of priest at times. His rashness almost gets his son Jonathan killed.

Jonathan comes off as a daring warrior with a practical mind his father lacks. We also meet for the first time a loyal warrior named Abner who will figure into the story of David's kingship

Psalm 84. A beautiful ode to God's temple, possibly sung by pilgrims coming to Zion. Nicely done pastoral image of a swallow nesting next to God's altar.

John 19. Pilate lets his soldiers have fun with Jesus and then proposes releasing him. The crowd will have none of it. (The crowd is probably a put up affair. It's the Day of Preparation and the average Jew was at the temple getting his lamb slaughtered for Passover. For more on this and Pilate's caving in, click here.)

Fascinating to compare John's account with those of the other gospels. Once again he supplies missing details. Only he records that the sign above Jesus said "King of the Jews" in 3 languages and that it triggered another irritable exchange between Pilate and the religious leaders. Mark tells us that Pilate was surprised that Jesus died so quickly and asked for confirmation. John tells us of the method of confirmation.

So Joseph lays Jesus' body in the new tomb and that should be that.

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