Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 108

The scriptures read are 1 Samuel 31, Psalm 89:19-52 and Acts 4.

1 Samuel 31. The sad end of Saul's troubled life and reign. His sons, including Jonathan, are also killed. Truly tragic.

Psalm 89:19-52. The psalmist reminds God of his promises to David and his line. Obviously there is no descendant of David on the throne. This must have been written during or after the Babylonian exile. Christians would see Jesus as the answer to the psalmist's anguished questions.

A doxology ends this section of the psalms.

Acts 4. Peter and John are arrested for preaching  and healing in Jesus' name. They are let go with threats against them should they do it again, but they are not intimidated. They pray for even more boldness.

The early church members are selling their property and putting it in a common purse, which is distributed to each member according to his or her need. Sounds like communism. Was it inspired by the Holy Spirit?

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