Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 111

The scriptures read are 2 Samuel 7-9, Psalm 92 and Acts 7.

2 Samuel 6-9. David decides to build God a house. But God says he's fine. David's son will build God's house. God will instead build the house of David, a family who will rule Israel forever.

David's reply to God for this gracious gift is one of the most beautiful prayers in the Bible. He is overwhelmed by God's promise and cannot understand why God is doing this to him.

David the warrior is unstoppable, defeating all his enemies. But he is tender to the lame son of Jonathan, his friend. He gives to that son, Mephibosheth (say that 5 times fast), all of his grandfather Saul's lands and has him take all his meals at the king's table, with David.

Psalm 92. A liturgical psalm, written for the Sabbath, that praises God and how he makes the righteous flourish.

Acts 7. Stephen recaps the history of his people from Abraham to the exile, emphasizing how they have strayed from God. Outraged members of the Sanhedrin stone Stephen but not before he sees a vision of Jesus at God's side and prays, like Jesus, for the forgiveness of his executioners. We also meet a young man named Saul, who watches the coats of those throwing the stones and who approves of Stephen's murder.

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