Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 59

The scriptures read are Numbers 27-29, Psalm 49, and Luke 7.

Numbers 27. If there is no son, daughters may inherit from their father. A plan is laid down so land stays within a family.

God appoints Joshua to be Moses' successor.

Numbers 28-29. A recap of all the sacrifices and the holidays.

Psalm 49. A sobering meditation on death.

Luke 7. Jesus heals the Roman officer's slave at a distance. Jesus is floored by the faith of this Gentile. He understands Jesus' authority and power.

Jesus raises a young man from the dead out of compassion for his widowed mother.

John the Baptist sends a message. He is wondering if Jesus is the one everyone's waiting for. John, like others, might be expecting Jesus to be a more aggressive holy warrior-kind of Messiah. Jesus sends John's disciples back with the message that Jesus is a healing Messiah.

Jesus gives John a backhanded compliment. He's the greatest prophet but the lowest person in the kingdom of God.

A notorious woman bathes Jesus' feet with tears, dries them with her hair and anoints them with perfume. Her outsized gratitude comes from having many sins forgiven. Which Jesus does.

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