Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 332

The scriptures read are Micah 3, Psalm 119:145-176 and Matthew 25.

Micah 3. Micah accuses the leaders of Israel of devouring their people. When it's the leaders who cry for help, God will ignore them. Also criticized: cozy prophets and corrupt judges.

Psalm 119:145-176. If you are looking for a way to memorize scripture, any song will do, I suppose.

Matthew 25. After a day of dancing, the groom would come to get the bride by night. He would process the the whole town. The bridesmaids would meet him, escort him to the bride's home. Then everyone would escort them both to the groom's house. The bridesmaids should have anticipated that it would be a long night.

The parable of the talents in a nutshell: use it or lose it.

Look for Jesus in everyone you meet. Serve him through them. Notice that the big sin here is neglect of the poor, the powerless, the marginal people. God will judge you on how you treat these folks.

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