Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 310

The scriptures read are Hosea 13-14, Psalm 104 and Matthew 6.

Hosea 13. The consequences of forsaking God for idols which demand child sacrifice is horrifying: the destruction of children by war and violence.

Hosea 14. It's never too late to repent.

Psalm 104. Very authentic sounding Jewish take on this psalm.

Matthew 6. Charitable acts, prayer and fasting should not be done for any audience other than God.

The best way to see that God's name is hallowed is to live in accordance with his commandments. We dishonor his name when we live in such a way that non-Christians call us on our hypocrisy.

The same word in Aramaic could mean "debts" as well as "sins." When we sin, we are not giving him what we owe him, namely our obedience. But we must forgive others if we expect God to forgive us.

We may use money in the service of God but we must not serve money or any other material thing. In fact, we should serve God and let the money aspect take care of itself, rather than pursue wealth.

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