Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 325

The scriptures read are Jonah 1, Psalm 117 and Matthew 19.

Jonah 1. This book works just like a parable because it has a moral. It is also a good story.

I am intrigued that Jonah thinks he can evade God by going to Tarshish.

Was Jonah being noble in offering to be thrown overboard? Or is this another sign of how badly he wanted to avoid God's orders?

Note that it is a big fish and not a whale that swallows Jonah.

Psalm 117. Infectious version of this psalm.

Matthew 19. Jesus is tougher on divorce than most churches.

Again we see that Jesus emphasizes the child-like trust that is required to being a citizen of the Kingdom of God.

The rich young man is being required, in his eyes at least, to cut off something precious to him, as Jesus said in the previous chapter. And the eye of a needle is just that, not some legendary door. Jesus is emphasizing the impossibility of saving ourselves, no matter how good we seem to be. We all need God's grace.

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