Friday, November 8, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 312

The scriptures read are Joel 3, Psalm 106 and Matthew 8.

Joel 3. The Day of the Lord, Judgment Day, elaborated on. It will go bad for the wicked but God's people will be vindicated.

Psalm 106. This is not a song but an audio-visual interpretation of this psalm. If you really want to hear a musical version, here is a jazzy version of this psalm.

Matthew 8. Jesus heals a leper, a person with a skin disease who would have been an outcast. Jesus not only restores him to health but to his family and friends.

A Gentile soldier understands the healing power of Jesus' authority better than his own people.

If any wish to follow Jesus they must give up comfort and put him ahead of other priorities.

Jesus calms the storm on the sea and brings peace to a man fighting his many demons.

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