Friday, July 12, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 193

The scriptures read are Job 37-39, Psalm 8 and Galatians 4.

Job 37. Elihu finishes by appealing to God's awesomeness, pointing out an approaching storm.

Job 38, 39. Out of the storm, God addresses Job. Basically he peppers Job with imponderables, questions no human could answer. And along the way there is some beautiful poetic descriptions of nature and animals.

Psalm 8. Here is the psalm sung in Hebrew with Hebrew and English subtitles: here.

Galatians 4. Paul uses various metaphors to explain our relationship before and after Jesus. We used to be like little kids ordered around by our tutors. But through Jesus we know the freedom of coming of age and enjoying our inheritance.

Paul remembers how he first met the Galatians. He was sick (probably with an eye disease) when he first arrived but the Galatians were gracious hosts. Which is why their defection to these false teachers is so upsetting to him.

He feels like a mother giving birth. Which reminds him of 2 mothers, Hagar and Sarah, one of whom was impregnated by a human desire for an heir, and one of whom was promised by God. We are now children of God, not of slaves.

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