Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 190

The scriptures read are Job 28-30, Psalm 5 and Galatians 1.

Job 28. Odd place for a poem about Wisdom. Which cannot be found but is revealed by God.

Job 29. Job misses the way things used to be, when God was on his side and he served God by serving others--the poor, the blind, the lame, aliens.

Job 30. Things have changed and Job is tormented by young punks.What did Job do to deserve all this?

Psalm 5. I can't get any info on this version except that it is Middle Eastern. Very flavorful, though: click here.

Galatians 1. Next to Romans, Paul's most influential work. Ask Martin Luther and the Reformers. (Good 60s band name!)

Once again Paul has learned that some people have been visiting the churches he planted and are telling the Gentiles there they must get circumcised and obey the Jewish laws if they want to be Christians,

So Paul is again defending his credentials. The gospel he preaches did not come from anyone other than God in Christ.

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