Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Apocrypha Assessment: Tobit 7

Raguel welcomes Tobias and Raphael. As is typical in the Near East, there is kissing and crying and loads of hospitality. Though Raguel and his wife Edna ask about Tobit's health, they somehow know he is blind and remark on how incongruous that is for a righteous man. Before eating Tobias presses his right to marry Sarah. Raguel's "Eat, drink and be merry tonight." [my emphasis] seems to indicate that Raguel doesn't think his new son-in-law will last any longer than the other 7. Nevertheless, the marriage contract is drawn up and Tobias and Sarah are legally wed. Raguel and Edna seem to teeter between hope and pessimism about Tobias' continued existence.

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