Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Apocrypha Assessment: Tobit 11-12

As they get close to home, Tobias and Raphael go ahead. Tobias hugs his mother and heals his father. And the dog returns with them. (He hasn't been mentioned since they left.) Tobit and Anna greet their new daughter-in-law and there are 7 more days of celebration!

Tobias asks his father how much should he pay Raphael for all he's done for them. They resolve to give him half of what was brought back. But Raphael offers some advice and then reveals his identity as one of the 7 angels who enter into God's glory. The men fall down in fear so Raphael gets to do the whole "Do not be afraid" speech which seems to precede  any greeting from angels. After more exhortations to praise God, the angel vanishes.

It is interesting that Raphael feels compelled to deny that he actually ate or drank anything. And before he ascends he tells the men to write all this in a book. Is that supposed to be an explanation for the Book of Tobit's existence?

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