Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 285

The scriptures read are Ezekiel 31-32, Psalm 84 and Revelation 7.

Ezekiel 31-32. Pharaoh is asked just who he thinks he is. Assyria was like one of the proverbial cedars of Lebanon, the biggest. God chopped it down to size for its arrogance.

God tells Ezekiel to sing a funeral dirge for Pharaoh.

Psalm 84. I really like this rendition. The juxtaposition of the video images and the story they tell pulls you in.
Revelation 7. There is a break, a kind of Sabbath, just before the 7th seal. There will be another before the 7th trumpet. The purpose of this pause is to mark God's people on their foreheads as was done in Ezekiel 9. The 144,000 (12 X 12,000) are sealed to identify them as God's people and to protect them from the coming disaster. They represent (H) the whole church, (P) all the Jewish Christians in Jerusalem, (F) faithful Jews among those left behind after the Rapture, or (S) Jewish and Gentile Christians, the Old and New Israel together.

The 4 schools of interpretation see the multitude as either the whole church in heaven (H) or Gentile Christians or perhaps martyrs (P), Gentiles left behind who belatedly converted to Christianity (F) or the church triumphant.    

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