Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Bible Challenge: Day 275

The scriptures read are Ezekiel 13-14, Psalm 76 and 2 John.

Ezekiel 13. God has Ezekiel prophesy against the false prophets, who are making up comforting lies rather than giving the people a true diagnosis of what is wrong with them spiritually and morally. They are merely decorating a flimsy defensive wall rather than fortifying it. He also condemns the women prophets who are apparently selling magic wristbands and doing divination. Instead they could be warning people and helping them turn their lives around.

Ezekiel 14. People coming to Ezekiel for God's word, when some other god is in really in their hearts, are out of luck.

And 4 calamities are on the way. Not even an all-star team of prophets, like Noah, Daniel and Job, could save the people, only themselves. But God will in his mercy save a remnant of his people.

Psalm 76. You're going to be whistling this finger-snapping version of the psalm.

2 John. This is a short note from John to an church encouraging them not to forget that love is the prime directive. And to warn them about false prophets.

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