Monday, September 6, 2010

Too Good to Waste

What led me to enter the 21st century about 10 years in? As trivial as it seems, I came up with a title I considered too good to waste.

I've been contemplating blogging for some time now and oddly enough, my hesitation was not that I would have nothing to say. Nor was I afraid that I would duplicate the kind of stuff already out there. All my life I have been told that my thought processes are unique (not actually the words used but we don't want to resort to the adult filter at this point). And occasionally people have said that my way of approaching a subject has made them think about it differently. I really can't take credit for this; it's simply the way my mind works. Since childhood, I have been making serious observations that provoked laughter and making jokes that others have taken to be  way too seriously. So I had to develop an internal sense of how things might sound to others and then tailor the presentation to the desired reaction. (Although, sometimes it's fun and useful to go for the laugh or the startled, "He can't mean that" moment to make a point.) I have worked in radio, theater and the pulpit and honed that sense fairly well. (Not perfectly, though, as my family likes to remind me.)

 What held me back from blogging was an appropriate title. It's not merely vanity. I used to be a copywriter and I knew I needed some hook. I needed a title that both teased, but gave the websurfer a faint idea of what s/he might encounter. It also had to be elastic enough to cover the jumble of things I think about: theology, science fiction, medicine, TV, books, gadgets, current events, superheroes, economics, the media, geekery, history, British writers, popular misconceptions, logic, and the weird elements of reality we consign to the junk drawer of life.

Currently, one of my jobs is working as a nurse on nights. I've always been a night owl but it's tough to stay up all night if you switch back to the normal world's schedule on days off. So I have become nocturnal even when not working. Which my wife doesn't like. And it means I'm super-tired after leading services on Sunday. But I used to work nights about 30 years ago when I first entered nursing and the switching back and forth pretty much ruined my ability to sleep more than 5 or 6 hours straight. So I'm trying to stick to one schedule for the time being.

As I'm sure my fellow insomniacs know, there ain't a lot of good TV after 2 am. And staying awake between 2 and 4 is the hardest part. I could simply surf the net but I feel I'm wasting my waking hours. So I'll blog. And that's when the title came to me. I felt I had to claim it before someone else did.

I intend to do more than post sermons. I intend to post enough thought-provoking commentary here to make checking this blog out a few times a week interesting.  How thought-provoking?

How about The Gospel According to Dracula?

Stay tuned for that post. Same Bat Channel.


  1. Welcome to the 21st century and to the blogging world. ;) I started a little while ago and I find it fun. If you want a few tips I've learned from observing others and my own experience I'd be happy to email or comment here with them. Good luck!


  2. I have been waiting to see this!thought I may have to worm hole to you to get you here...